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Patient safety


The patient safety course aims to understand the discipline of patient safety and its role in minimizing the incidence and impact of adverse events that could occur for patients in case of improper patient identification in case of unsafe medication administration which may lead to medication errors  or surgeries which may lead to wrong surgeries , improper communication in reporting critical results of diagnostic tests or in handover communication between healthcare providers , in minimizing Heathcare associated infections and safeguarding patients against fall and all hazardous circumstances  .
Understanding this patient safety discipline will be through learning what are the international patient safety goals  dealing with :
-  How patient must be identified .
-  What is meant by effective communication and how handover communication should be done .
- Medication safety and how to make medication use safer and to understand doctor's responsibilities when prescribing a medication and supervising on nurse's provision of medications .
- Main types of adverse events associated with surgical and invasive procedures and how to apply verification processes to ensure that correct patient receives the right procedure at the right time , site and place .
- The extent of the problem of Healthcare associated infections and how to minimize the risks of contamination and reduce Healthcare associated infections.
- The hazards predisposing to patient fall and how to create a process to assess patients at risk for fall and measures that should be implemented to prevent it .
- To recognize the role of being  an effective team player of patient safety as a medical student .

This course will be held through discussing a case study and  interacting together on issues related to patient safety through videos and  power point presentations to think and learn how to apply the International patient safety goals that will be learnt on the case study .