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Integrated Program of Kasr Alainy

The program aims to provide high-quality education with full academic supervision of the students and continuous evaluation of students performance.

The program is characterized by the Integrated courses at both the horizontal and vertical levels, Introductory courses to their clinical study, that begin at the first stage of the educational program.In addition to the existence of elective courses that allow students study the principles of administrative science, risk management, medical ethics, leadership skills as well as different languages ​​and human sciences that have a close relationship to the educational program and will be practiced by the graduate in his career.

The Program includes e-learning  part.


  • To prepare highly efficient doctors committed to provide ethical, humanistic, and compassionate patient care.


  • To prepare graduates for a career of constantly changing knowledge and expertise who are ready for continued medical education


  • To train graduates with high professionals skills who are able to apply national and international health care standards.


  • To train graduates with high communication skills and commitment to educating the medical and the general community.


  • To prepare doctors who can conduct various scientific researches and can address local and national problems though a systematic and scientific approach


  • To serve the community through the promotion of specialized projects that contribute to the solution of national and global health problems


Learning Resource Center (LRC)

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide the “ideal standard”for the learning environment.The LRC is dedicated to providing an educational environment that combines stimulating academic study, effective skills training, and sound research procedures.The LRC is devoted to introducing a “learner-centered” environment that offers an efficient and more distributed pattern of learning meeting the global standards of “Continuing Professional Development”.

Our Vision 

We aspire to provide our students, faculty and employees with the means and methods to become outstanding contributors to the advancement of our institution to regain its position as a leading medical education provider in the region and worldwide.

What We Do

LRC at Kasr Al Ainy Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University is a pioneering learning center of excellence Phase one (First three floors) is already functional, providing innovative educational aids and Product for the undergraduate medical students at Cairo University and Post Graduate Medical Personnel in Egypt , Middle East and Africa. The facility also hosts several educational projects funded by different international and national agencies and fully supported by the Kasr Al Ainy Faculty of Medicine.